• Pretty Little liars Meme: [1/8] relationships

    → "I love the way that sounds. You calling yourself my boyfriend."

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  • justjenda: The cats out of the bag…. Ready to see Elle’s new look for her next film?? [Trumbo].

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  • waltdisneyconfessions:

    I was lucky enough to have a 5 day work experience/internship at a store at Disneyland Resort Paris. I absolutely loved every moment of it, and I am thinking of trying to work there again when I get older, but I’m afraid that they won’t want me then, or that it will be too hard (I wasn’t allowed to do a few things, for safety purposes)… It had always been a dream of mine to work there, and 5 days was not enough for me

  • thebestmoviesquotes:

    The Lovely Bones (2009).

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  • smoking-cinema:

    J’Ai Tué Ma Mère, 2009, Xavier Dolan

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